Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There you have it!

Chicago Half Marathon - 13.1 miles on September 12, 2010. Glorious run! I never felt better.
I took a two day break and ran 2 miles this morning. No pains. Just tight thighs.

Back to reality. The little things just make you appreciate them more. "It's never as good as the first time." If I run the same thing again, I probably wouldn't feel the same about it.

Anyway... I've got a bunch of shoes started. Hopefully this weekend I can finish them and post some pictures. I want to get on the Etsy site before Christmas. That's the goal anyway. I have some felted bowls and kitchen dish cloths. I'm thinking of calling it the "I Love Home" site. Or something like that. Things just for the home. Well... things I like for the home. HA

Just wanted to post a couple of mini pictures of my run.

AH - I was glorious for a day.

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