Friday, April 6, 2018

CostCo Oakbrook Two

Back at CostCo in Oakbrook Illinois.

Again with the oh so rude - this time to the staff or just to the store in general.

I was at the back, looking through the coolers for premade sandwiches. They are really good by the way and you can feed a group of people. Once in a while they have roast beef, chicken and ham on croissants. Sauce on the side and they are big hit.

So, I'm ready to pick up a pack of 10 sandwiches when a women to the left of me is picking up the pre-made chicken salad in plastic containers. She picks one up, looks at it then throws it back into the cooler. I'm talking a slam dunk into the back of the cooler. She does this three times then walks away with a disgruntled look on her face. Because she threw them, the lids popped open and the chicken salad spilt out all over the other containers. Why would a person do that? What was the reason for her anger. Was it the Chicken in the salad? Was she looking for more chicken/less? Was she looking at the dates on the package? If I wouldn't of been in a hurry, I would of tracked her down and asked. Crazy.

The grocery carts are about as large as three regular sized carts. And really heavy too. Empty, the thing has got to weigh over 100 pounds. (I really don't know how much it weighs but its a brute) I am 5 foot 1 and peek over the top as I push the thing through the stores. It's a workout because my arms are up higher than usual.

I keep as close as I can to the sides of the isles where the merchandise is located. In the middle of the isles it's CRAZY. I'm talking, 25 Mario Andretti's are in CostCo and racing through. (Mario was a race car driver - Indy 500 I think back in the day)

So, I get through the entrance door with my big ass cart and move to the side of the isle to get out my list. I'm well out of the way of the racers. They have their mission. I know to keep out of their way. First one to the back of the store wins. Not sure what the prize is but they do race.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see an extremely tall women on the phone. She's ranting and raving about something to some poor person on the other end. Her arms are swinging and she's clearly agitated. Not sure what the conversation was about and with all the arm swinging and her red face, I didn't want to know.

While I am standing far away from the isle, I see her moving. She's heading directly towards me. The whole time she's pushing her cart, she's talking on the phone and then Bam! She pushes her cart right smack into mine. And I'm talking crash car derby style. In her mind, I wasn't there. She was so preoccupied that I was insignificant. Lucky I expected it and stepped back a bit or the handle would of hurt my hands.

I said to her - HEY! YOU JUST HIT ME!

 She looked at me and said "I'm on the Phone". I said  "What is wrong with you?" and walked away. Again, I walked away. All the while, I was thinking, what is wrong with these people?

Ok - more to come but this one was fresh on my mind.

Am I asking for this weird behavior from these ecostically challenged humans? Am I to blame or just too sensitive?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

CostCo Oakbrook

I shop at the CostCo in Oak Brook for our office. We hold meetings that require snacks and stuff to drink so it's economical to go to the store and get everything in bulk. Cool concept and I like the store.

Anyway, the Clients that come to this store to shop are Unbelievable! They are the rudest, egotistically challenged, self entitled, aggressive, and just the about the cruelest shoppers you could run into during a shopping experience. I am not exaggerating.

This is in no way against this store and the wonderful employees they have. My heart aches for them and the abuse they endure everyday.

I'm going to timeline the events starting with today.  I'll need to check the receipts for the other dates.

March 22

I had to stop at the service desk for a copy of a receipt. It was early - 10:20am and not too busy. There was an elderly gentleman hopping around behind me. Moving and darting around while searching for an extra worker to wait on him.  He kept zooming in over my shoulder, not touching me but zipping over the right then the left. I could feel the air move. So I stepped back. Just to show him he was edging close to my space. He didn't care. I could feel his air closer.

When I finished my transaction, he jumped to the counter. Rushing in to make sure he was next. No one was behind him. I'm not a slow mover but he was pushy and arrogant. So - I said " Hey. Could you not push me?." And he said, "Are you starting something?" I said "Jesus". and left. Now. I've been coming up with beautiful come back lines all day. Like. "Hit Me". and "Dude, Really?" but what I really should of done is get the phone out and film him. Then put this angry eyed, RUDE old man on YouTube. Next time dude - next time.

Week before - I'll fill in the dates later - this is a good one. 

I'm gonna call it. "Rolls Royce and the one legged women"

The parking lot is absolutely nuts and you need to watch over your shoulder and ahead while walking at the same time. Apparently there isn't a speeding limit to park. They come in and race to find a spot up front.  Every day it's a zoo in the lot. Our offices look out over the parking lot and we can watch from up above.

So, I was walking back to my car and this man and women, I'm assuming Husband and Wife had just left and were in one of the ultimate spots. Right up front. Prime Real-estate in CostCo.  He was loading his car with the purchases while she was walking to the car. She was on two crutches wearing a skirt and had only one leg peaking out of her skirt. Poor thing. I wonder what happened? Anyway - a car. White Rolls Royce, grey pony tail wearing, elder person was waiting for the prime spot. The engine was revving and the car was moving forward. Almost rocking and revving. Loaded v8 engine in that big car. Dirty white. That's what the color was. It was like, trying to push the one legged women on two crutches to move faster. Impatient, Unbelievable RUDE, egotistically challenged person. There was only one leg peeking out of her skirt. How fast could she go? Good Lord.

Ok - here are two. I have a lot more. I just knew I needed to get this started. The world needs to know about CostCo Customers in Oakbrook.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Red Pepper Wreath

Mix Pepper Wreath

Gold Cayenne

Racoon Tracks

Italian Quick Bread

Winter Rye Ground Cover

I had so many peppers this year. It was a bountiful year. But - you are left with "What to Do?"

I went on line and looked for how to make wreaths. The best idea was taking bobby pins and a straw wreath and pushing them through the pepper. The Pepper needed to be soft because if it was already dry, it would crumble.

The second batch was the golden cayenne. OMG - they were so hot that each time I poked the wire through, I would start coughing. They are currently in a paper bag and I need to wait until it's nice outside.

The Bread was so perfect and the recipe was found on the "Bread Flour" bag. Who knew? YUM.

The Coyote - found him dead in a creek - poor thing. He's been around here for years. :(

I've been traveling and working too much these past days so my apologies on the delay in my posts.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


I found this the other day and thought it was worth adding.

Christmas is upon us and I will be baking soon for neighbors, co-workers, family and friends.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Grassroots Farm
I came across a farm site and this is their picture - oh so pretty.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bulmers Orchard Ireland

I came across these photos - Hurricane damage to an orchard in Ireland. Unbelievable. Their Harvest is done. No coming back from this.

Looks so perfectly staged doesn't it?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Strange Flower in Las Vegas

Flower in Las Vegas

Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin

Bird House Gourds

Fall Peaking Through
During My work trip in Las Vegas, I passed this plant each morning walking to the convention. It had a strange bloom. Not sure what it was but it caught my attention. Almost looked fake but it was real. Anyone know what it's called?

Fall shots from my Balcony. Drying the gourds and already used the pumpkin for Pumpkin Bread. Oh So good.

Next month will be one full year of Nicotine Free.