Friday, January 29, 2010

I found this print on Etsy. It is a photograph of Shoes in Africa. I'm assuming in a store front or shop somewhere. Look at the colors. They are beautiful.

My goal this weekend is to finish the white slippers and post a picture. I'm not quite ready to sell them on Etsy yet but soon. I need a few more things before I start to sell. Plus I need to perfect a few patterns. I'm thinking about black and white shoes. Different styles but black and white and I have some beautiful gray wool that would look great mixed in.

Ballet slippers are nice but I want something more. I visit old patents on line and shoe designs have been redone for years. Some of the old shoes from the 30's and 40's have some pretty sharp designs.

Will post more pictures later. This is the weekend to finish a perfect pair of shoes. A pair that is both comfortable and looks good too. I must just remember to take my time and not rush it. When I rush, I sew sloppily and that just won't do.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I like this picture for some reason. It's a screen saver or something I just came across. It looks this way outside right now. All the cars are once again covered with snow.

It reminds me of a lady friend of my Mom's. Olga. She was this old German women that my mother helped out in Indiana. She lived in a very old house in Elkhart and her back yard looked like this. She always wore sweaters with the arms cut off under her skirts because she was always cold. Her hips looked lumpy from the sweaters and I used to think that odd. Now I know. Wool sweaters kept her warm and they were like an slip. Hmmm. the things that pop into my head after looking at a picture.

Anyway... this is the picture of the day. Snow on lawn chairs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I don't have any pictures to post except for the balcony flowers. I wanted to take pictures of the garden in the snow but never got around to it. This summer shot of the balcony makes me think of the warm weather soon to come. Well... 3 months but still. It will come.

Another cold and snowy day in Illinois. The streets have swirling snow and it looks so pretty when you walk but it's about 11 degrees and who knows how low the wind chill is?

I don't mind the winters but I really don't like driving in it. Ever. I would rather walk or run when it's coming down.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Off to the opera today with my Mom. I don't have a picture on the computer of her. I'll need to track one down.

She turned 70 on the 5th so I thought 4 operas would be a nice gift. It's a cold and windy day so Chicago will be chilly.

I'll post more afterward.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look at her? Crazy eyes! She's so funny sometimes. I was in the sewing room and she just has to help. The other day, I was petting her on the desk and she was purring and just plain happy that I was home. Then, someone knocked on the door and she let out this sigh/growl combination. She was upset that we were interrupted. I guess you had to be there. She's like a little person. Or I speak cat. I do sometimes. You know?
These are the guts for the white slippers with terry cloth lining. They are almost finished since I took the photo. Just need to stitch the inner lining at the toe and punch in some eyelets.

I practiced the eyelet punching and it's easier than it looks. Maybe I just don't have the strength but man oh man it's hard to get through all the layers AND put the eye in the right spot. Need to practice more on scraps before I punch it.

I want to call these "Wedding Shoes". All white cotton. The outer is this beautiful cotton napkin I found. It had these beautiful hand stitched designs that I tried to incorporate. They were a tad too big so I left it off. But the fabric is so soft and pure white.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just some thoughts before the day ends. Mondays! Blah! The busy season is coming up fast and I will be busy with my day job from now until June when the last conference is being held. Speakers, speakers and more speakers. Constant email. Classes for our program and millions of emails to answer daily.

I am not complaining as I like it here. Weekends are for my creative mind to flow. As long as I stay focused, the artist will be alive every Saturday and Sunday.

Inspiration is everywhere. I love going to the Library and checking out various craft books. Even if I don't make the exact project from the book, it will give me an idea for a shoe or a knitted item.

I think this is the year for my creative juices to flow and to FINALLY accomplish something I can sell. I just need to sew it perfect and make sure the construction is sound.

That's all for today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The unbelievable beautiful purple orchid. It's finally blooming in it's third year. And of course, there is Willow checking it out. She was very gently sniffing the flower. She keeps her distance and doesn't chew on them Thank goodness.
I can see how people get obsessed with them. The anticipation of the first bloom is worth the wait.
February 23-28 at the Orchid nursery in I think, Villa Park, IL has an open house and need to stop by. It's the perfect place to go when it's cold and snowy out.

Working on my new project. Shoes. Here's a prototype. Yellow canvas on the out and pretty green with little pink and yellow flecks on the cotton.
I have some tweaking to do but they are coming along nicely.