Friday, January 29, 2010

I found this print on Etsy. It is a photograph of Shoes in Africa. I'm assuming in a store front or shop somewhere. Look at the colors. They are beautiful.

My goal this weekend is to finish the white slippers and post a picture. I'm not quite ready to sell them on Etsy yet but soon. I need a few more things before I start to sell. Plus I need to perfect a few patterns. I'm thinking about black and white shoes. Different styles but black and white and I have some beautiful gray wool that would look great mixed in.

Ballet slippers are nice but I want something more. I visit old patents on line and shoe designs have been redone for years. Some of the old shoes from the 30's and 40's have some pretty sharp designs.

Will post more pictures later. This is the weekend to finish a perfect pair of shoes. A pair that is both comfortable and looks good too. I must just remember to take my time and not rush it. When I rush, I sew sloppily and that just won't do.

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