Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shamrock Shuffle 2010

That's me in the Yellow sweatshirt. HA

The photos are pretty small but I pilfered them from the marathon photo site. Ha It was fun. One minute faster than last year. Tons of people as you can see. I guess I was running with the pack. Chicago Loop and it was pretty cold at the start. Warming up for the year. It's the first race and what a thrill!

Well... I bought a pair of size 7 wooden shoe lasts from Ebay. Someone decorated them. Made them into wall hangings but they are a size 7 and a pair. I want to see if I can create a better pattern on a last than I can by measuring my foot. The shoes seem to turn in because I guess the pattern is turned in. Drawing while standing isn't always that easy. A couple of the pairs look good but still not perfect.

I cut out a pair of loafer styles using this old french toile fabric I had. Off white with the toe in the toile. Just a hint of green in the pattern. They look pretty cute. Need to sew them up tonight. At least try to get in the sewing room anyway. After working all day, I just don't have the creative energy to get excited about it. Need to wait until the weekend.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think she was only a few months old in this picture. She's over 12 pounds now. My little Willow. Such a sweet cat. She purrs very loud when you first come home or first thing in the morning.
I'm working and the sun is shining beautifully today. For a change. It's giving me garden fever. I contacted someone on Craig's list for some compost for the Community Nursing Garden. Hopefully they can drop it off soon so it can be tilled in. I was going to do it myself this year but it's so much better when someone tills it with a tiller. Shoveling by hand is back breaking. I'm sure it's great exercises but man oh man does it hurt for a few days afterwards.
I received 100 seed packets from a website I found. I only had to pay for shipping. It's on my home computer and I will post it later. It was great opening the box. I could only specify 50 flowers and 50 vegtables. It arrived with everything. Some cool round cucumbers and lots of poppies. I'll post the website later.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's something that tugs at my heart when I see an elephant. Especially a baby.
There's a lady in Tennessee that has an Elephant sanctuary for old circus and I guess abandoned elephants. Looks like a heavenly place.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sewing - Craft room. Wow - what a mess. I just thought I would post it to remind myself that it needs to be organized.
Last year, before Christmas, I spend a full weekend organizing everything. Color coordinated all the fabric, cleaned out the closet and actually tossed out a bunch of stuff. All that work and in one month, it looked like this again.
I need some shelves or something. The bookshelf did have the top two shelves empty to put finished product on but somehow, it's full of what ever.
We are going to carpet and paint this year so I can't hang anything right now. Plus, I have a growing table - right now the baby tomato, pepper and flower plants are taking up some room. As well as the potting soil and dirty planters. What a mess Huh? As soon as spring arrives and I can take them outside, I have to live with the extra clutter.
I actually like my work room. The cat and I spend a lot of time in their when I can. She lies on the iron board and watches me. I think she likes the music and the hum of the sewing machine. Plus I try and make her a little cat toy with scraps. Sometimes I tuck catnip in it . She's my pal.
Gotta go for now. Thanks for peaking into my mess.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jean Slippers

Old blue Jeans turned into slippers. I made these before my trip to Texas. San Antonio was for my day job. I don't have pictures of San Antonio except for the conference and booths of the exhibitors. Nothing about crafts or my creative world.

These slippers were made from a pair of jeans that I don't wear anymore. The pocket stitching looked just right for the top. I still need to stitch them closed on the inner seam but I wanted to take a picture. They have soft flannel lining and a jean sole. I like em.

Barbara at the office got a new grandson. Mason James. So I made some booties. Aren't they cute? Cotton. Chambray with white inner. I thought they were just too cute and she did too.