Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think she was only a few months old in this picture. She's over 12 pounds now. My little Willow. Such a sweet cat. She purrs very loud when you first come home or first thing in the morning.
I'm working and the sun is shining beautifully today. For a change. It's giving me garden fever. I contacted someone on Craig's list for some compost for the Community Nursing Garden. Hopefully they can drop it off soon so it can be tilled in. I was going to do it myself this year but it's so much better when someone tills it with a tiller. Shoveling by hand is back breaking. I'm sure it's great exercises but man oh man does it hurt for a few days afterwards.
I received 100 seed packets from a website I found. I only had to pay for shipping. It's on my home computer and I will post it later. It was great opening the box. I could only specify 50 flowers and 50 vegtables. It arrived with everything. Some cool round cucumbers and lots of poppies. I'll post the website later.

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