Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well... I bought a pair of size 7 wooden shoe lasts from Ebay. Someone decorated them. Made them into wall hangings but they are a size 7 and a pair. I want to see if I can create a better pattern on a last than I can by measuring my foot. The shoes seem to turn in because I guess the pattern is turned in. Drawing while standing isn't always that easy. A couple of the pairs look good but still not perfect.

I cut out a pair of loafer styles using this old french toile fabric I had. Off white with the toe in the toile. Just a hint of green in the pattern. They look pretty cute. Need to sew them up tonight. At least try to get in the sewing room anyway. After working all day, I just don't have the creative energy to get excited about it. Need to wait until the weekend.

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