Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Buy Local

Saw this on the web - needed to add.

Christmas is upon us - buy local.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Winter fast approaching
My apologies for not posting for over 4 weeks. Time got away from me.

Bobby and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house! I love doing dinner parties and hope to make a habit of it. I made the following in two days:

Pumpkin pie - from the home grown pumpkins
Apple pie
Rice Krispie squares
Turkey with sausage stuffing
Sweet Pototoes
Regular mashed potatoes
Baby Brussel Sprouts - from the garden - picked that morning :)
Baby carrots in lime and honey sauce
Pop and Fresh bisquits - Bobby's request
Cranberry Relish - the can stuff -  again, Bobby's request

I'm missing something and it's not coming to me. I know I spent hours in the kitchen. I so enjoy the meal prep and getting out the pretty dishes and setting it all up. Then - once folks start eating - it's all over in 15 minutes. Two days of work - over - just like that.

Happy Holiday weekend!