Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden is Growing

Growing. Peas with Hollyhocks, Red Onions, Spinach and Zucchini just sprouting out of the ground. Spent a few hours this morning weeding and watering. The spinach was harvested on Thursday for a delicious baby leaf salad.  I ate them raw and unwashed right out of the garden and you can taste the freshness.  Nothing compares. The store bought is stale in comparison.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ocean Reef Key Largo

I am working a conference in Key Largo at a resort called Ocean Reef.  It's north of the highway that leads you to Key West and very private.  The conference ends on Friday night and I am staying on until Sunday - then flying to Boston for another one but I have two whole days to play in the sun.  Hope the rain holds out until I leave as it is in the forcast.  Right now it's beautiful out.

This island has a cat sancuary and yesterday I had the pleasure of walking into a room with over 100 of the most friendly cats you ever want to meet.  They were all attention hogs and preforming tricks to get a pet. Oh My - they make the stresses of the day just wash a way.  I didn't want to leave them. AND I'm sure they were wondering if they could of come with us.  It was almost like an orphanage where the Children behave in the best manner to be chosen.  If I didn't live so far away, I would of taken three of them home. Bonnie, Harry and Nicole. Cute cats.

Well... Off to work again - my lunch break is over.  I'll post some pics when I can.

Indoor Seedlings

 Bachelor Buttons above - just spouting out.
Beautiful Pink Petunias - their color is so vibrant.  This was a seed from last years White petunias - I'm assuming it was a hybrid plant and some how the pink hues dominated and came thru.
Below is a Big Boy Tomato plant. Ready to go into the garden. I will plant it next weekend.

Worked on the garden for hours yesterday. Planted just about everything except the tomatoes and peppers.  Still need to put in some basil and pole beans.

Once it's ready - pictures to follow.