Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just my race this past March. The Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago. Over 32,000 signed up and some freak snow storm blew in and only 14,000+ ran. It was soooo cold and slushy but I ran it and loved it. I'm the shorty in black. Can't wait to do it again.

I signed up for the half marathon in September so my training will begin soon. Not even sure if I can run 13 miles. The most I ever ran was 7 miles and I'm not totally sure about that. I need to ease into the long miles. And do some yoga on the off days. I am so stiff sometimes.

Anyway... Just thought I would add my little running picture.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I like this picture. I was 5 and my dad sent it to my in my 40th bday card. I keep it to remind me that I too was once a youngster. Wow. I'll be 50 in '11 so I better connect with my inner child again.

I do like to play so it shouldn't be a problem. Bobby has 3 nephews and I have a niece and a nephew so we do get to play.

Christmas is over and the new year is fast approaching. I've basically stopped all the rushing and will slowly knit things now. Slippers are on the plan and I just picked up some new books for ideas from the library. I love craft books. I know I probably shouldn't buy any ever and just go to the library but I just had to have the Japanese craft books I bought on Amazon. One is only shoes and one is linen, cotton and wool things. Simple really. Totes, aprons, bags. Pillow cases and things that one could make in an afternoon.

I do need to stick to my plan though. Shoes. House Shoes. All kinds. Slippers really but I like the German term, "House Shoes". and that's what I'll call them in my Etsy Shop. Can't wait.

Need to start creating. This weekend.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's almost Christmas and I'm thinking about my Omi. This picture was taken in 2006 and she has passed. She is in her dining room with my Uncle Peter. Wow! What memories this brings back. She lived in Aschaffenburg Germany and died March 2007. I was lucky to be able to see her every other year. She was funny and made the best Lebergloss suppe. It's a liver dumpling soup in a chicken broth with just a handful of carrots, celery and noodles. The liver is calves liver that is ground up super fine from the butcher. It was my favorite soup and every time we visited, she would make a big pot. Towards the end of her life, she forgot how and we would order it in restaurants but it was never as good as hers. She would however remember tales from the 40's and had wonderful stories. I miss her.

Germany is such a beautiful place and I'll hunt down some photos to post of her house. They are all in film and will need to be converted.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another picture I came across. Denise, Adam and Darla. Came to Chicago to visit. Fun times.

Will post more later.

This is Carley. She passed away in April 2008. I had her for 19 years and she was my little girl. She didn't like anyone but me and I felt very special because of that. I came across her picture and needed to add her to my blog. I miss her. I love my little Willow but she's become quite a Daddy's girl. I know she loves me too but not like Carley did.

Ok - I'm fine now.

It's almost the first day of winter and the sky is very white. One of those days to stay indoors and knit.

I gave away all the sewing and knitting projects. It was kind of sad to let it go. I got attached to the dishcloths and scrubbies and little fabric baskets. Now I'll focus on other things to sell on Etsy. And to get ready for some craft shows next year. 2010 is the year for craft shows. And for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon. I signed up today so there's no excuse not to run.

Monday, December 14, 2009

MY ORCHIDS! I love the beauty of them. My sewing room has the perfect light. The purple one was bought 3 years ago and I wasn't sure if it would ever bloom but WOW! It did. They are now fully showing and I will post more pics later.

The white orchid is about 4 years old and has bloomed each year 3 times. Incredible. I water them on Sunday only and never feed them so I must be doing something right. My sewing room has a east window with a large pine tree blocking most of the light. I guess that is the perfect light.

Chris Tolomei had this pattern on her site. They are so cute and I made them for my sister. Wool Felted bowls. I need to re-felt as they are a little soft.

I've been working on Christmas presents for months now. Washcloths and scrubbies. I've got 10 kitchen cloths and about 5 scrubbies done.

They are so cute, I don't want to give them away.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Little cutie - Willow - just turned one year old. She was quite happy to see us after the 4 days away for Thanksgiving.

Not much happening. Finishing some Christmas presents. I made 4 knitted scrubbies and need to make at least 9 more. They only take a few hours but I first have to cut some more netting. There really actually pretty easy.

Cut the nylon netting into 1 inch strips. Tie them together and wind on an empty spool. Hold together with cotton yarn and cast on 15. Knit until you have about 5 inches then cast off. Ta Da.

I have bright green and bright blue. I like the green a lot and have made 4 - the blue one I use as it scrubs beautifully.

That's all for today.