Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dad's Phone

I sold this phone on Ebay. Dad has a lot of phones and parts and he gave this to me months ago to sell. I am disappointed that it only came in at $138.00. I probably should of contacted a collector before and taken it around before just placing it in the auction. I'm mad at myself. I told him I thought it would bring at least $300. Well... that's what ya get. I have to think of it as an Ebay learning tool.

Here's just another photo from the Community Harvest. It looked so nice.

I'm working on the argyle slippers and will post more when they are done.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Argyle Slippers

Finally had a chance to work on another pair of wool argyle slippers. I love this pattern. I made a pair awhile ago that are a bit snug so I've revised the pattern and started on the top yesterday. It took me forever to dig through the pattern pieces to find the right one. I just kept making proto-types and not throwing away the parts. Now they are all mixed up. I have them labeled now so I won't go through the search again. Jeez - what was I thinking?

I have a bunch of vintage wool in a variety of colors. Yards of it. I can probably make 50 pairs. Line them in a cotton. The dark blue is flannel. While it feels nice on the foot, it's a bit thick so hard to thin out the shoe. Plus the color is navy. I only have pink or navy flannel. I'm thinking, line it in a cotton with coordinating color. I'm trying to use up the fabric I have instead of buying more. My closets, cabinet and boxes are over flowing. Hmmm - I need to cut back the collection. So the brilliant idea is to MAKE THINGS WITH IT. Ha

Today at noon, I picked a ton of vegetables for the Community Nursing Center to sell. It was in the 90's today and I think I was over heated when this shot was taken. I started picking cucumbers, tomatoes and melons, then Sheri took them in and set up this beautiful table with baskets. It looked so pretty. I kept running back in with more things and the sale went on.
I don't think they charged too much so staff and families of the residents bought some things. They kept the proceeds to do something fun with the residents.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Petosky Summer Vacation

Wonderful weather in upper Michigan this past week.

The family and Bobby Skiing. He's incredible on one ski.

Just came back from a week long vacation in Michigan. Weather was fabulous. Drive was 6 1/2 hours but not bad. I miss the kids. They were a lot of fun.

I relaxed and read a book. John Grisham " Playing for Pizza". All about Italy. It was a great read and I finished it in a couple of days. I took along some knitting but only knitted a few rows. The cottage had wild raspberries all over and I picked a small bowl full to make jam. I burnt the first batch and took off for more the next day. Well.. the only small pan left was a cast iron and the whole batch of jelly tasted like metal. So... no showing off my wonderful homemade jam. Too bad. It smelled delicious.

Had a great time none the less. I can never sit still but managed to do so last week.

Thanks for reading.