Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cat and Travel

"You Are Not Leaving"

"You're Leaving?"

DC Airport


Willow has recovered from her Asthma. She's so smart. I couldn't get the pills down her throat so I crushed it in her milk. She drank it once then wouldn't touch it the second time. So - I crushed it in butter. Again, She fell for it once but not twice. I was only able to give her maybe a total of 4 pills. Little bugger. How do you get a cat to take a pill?

We kept an eye on her breathing and it might of been just an allergen that she breathed in that caused the attack. She's spunky and looking good.

I have to travel a lot this month. Well... two trips but they are back to back. I just came back from DC on Wednesday and off to Las Vegas tomorrow. Willow hates when I get the suitcase out as shown by the above pics. She literally gives me the look. Love that little girl.

DC airport - Ronald Reagan. Cool ceiling in the waiting area. Really old building but lots of character.

I had a perfect salad at the counter for lunch while I was waiting to fly home. It was something so unexpected at an airport. Everything on it was crisp and fresh. Green beans blanched to perfection. Red radishes that were so fresh, I swear they were picked that morning. The greens were all perfect. Not a wilted or rotten leaf among it. I really could not believe it.

I have to eat out during my travels and usually the food is just mediocre and usually it's horrible. I pack nutrition bars and crackers in case I can't eat out. I've gotten food poisoning twice so I am super careful. This salad is worth mentioning. If you ever have a chance to eat at the Ronald Reagan Airport, order the salad of the day. You will not be disappointed.

Fall is here in the small "woods" near my garden. I pretend it's acres of "woods" but it's just a small beautiful patch of wildness.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cat Asthma

Beautiful Day of Rest

Willow had breathing problems. Poor little thing - she has Asthma. Emergency Vet - 3 hours later - Asthma. Probably needs to be on pills the rest of her life.

For a about a week, she was sneezing and hanging her head low but on the Sunday before Labor Day - it was so bad, I thought she was having a heart attach. Too worried, I called the EV and Bobby and I drove her to the Vet with her howling the entire time. The sound is soul retching. Others were in the waiting room with their pets - a greyhound that couldn't stop puking, a Jack Russell terrier with a skin spot and an older cat that was lifeless in her container. Her owner petting her the entire time. Not sure what was wrong with her.

The doc gave us the three probable causes, Heart, something I can't remember and Asthma. I was probably as wide eyed and nervous as Willow but we'll take Asthma. $298.00 - What can you do? They quoted over $300 on the phone.

She's home with us and a little stressed out from the trip. She never goes anywhere and so set in her ways that a trip to a strange place with strange people and animals, just was too much. It will take her two to three days to get back to normal.

Normal - two pills a day, crushed in her milk cause I can't get it down her throat.

Are we a world of prescription medicine? Bobby takes over 13 pills a day and now the cat? What is going on? Sometimes, I just can't understand it.

Nicotine Free - 10 months but wow - this weekend was taxing.

Monday, August 21, 2017

All Grass Farm

All Grass Farm in Dundee, IL on Route 31 - A MUST VISIT! Through Angelic Organics Craft day - Shout out and thanks to Sarah for assisting this group on a Sunday!

The place was fabulous. Exactly how a farm should be run. Bobby took some amazing photos. Perfect day!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Master Urban Farmer

The Instructor, Zach and Me

The Best Folks Ever!

The class ended in July and I received these photos today from Sarah - she's way far to the left in the back row wearing a green shirt. We took a class together a few years ago and she recommended this one for me. How these people enlighten me! Each one had a mission, plan or idea that makes the world better. Some farmed on empty plots in Chicago, others had land from family they needed to learn how to manage. Many just grow food for others but they wanted to learn how to do it AND earn for themselves.

I just want to farm my garden to a larger money making plot and with all these people, I am now inspired to really achieve something next season. I've been in contact with the Michael Fields Institute to assist me in grant writing. I've contacted the neighboring School to see if I can talk to them about teaching the children about growing in back yards. It's Begun!

I needed a little guidance and that's what this class was for.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Community Home Garden

Some pictures Bobby took of the garden. I have let the weeds get the better of me again this year. Never Fear! Next Year will soon be here!

I'm taking the garden to the next level this fall. It's needs a new fence and I want to put in some sort of raised beds with possibly a water storage underneath. I'm researching and it's time to make it look beautiful and functional. The goal is to teach and share with the kids from the school next door. The Residents and the kids. hmmm...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ball Seed

Seed Coating

Seed Coating in a Tumbler

William Kautz of Kautz Farm

Desert Rose
A couple of weeks ago, Bill Kautz invited me to Ball Seed's event. They had tours of their gardens and behind the scenes. They coat seeds to make them last longer and protect them as well.

The Zinnia's were really pretty.

The last picture is from my balcony and of one of the baby Desert Roses. The mother plant blooms pink but the baby is white. Really pretty.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Luffa Vine on the Balcony
Moth on the Sidewalk
More Nasties

Baby Desert Roses

Toes by the Pool

Barn at the Children's Farm

Mini Apple Trees

Perfect Corn Plants

Cucs on a fence

Melons already Bagged


Pretty Yellow Flowers
July is in full swing. My luffa plants are now on my balcony. Each year at the garden plot, they suffer from either theft, lack of water or frost too soon. So - I have them now growing on the balcony. One Luffa is all I'm asking for.

The Moth was spotted on a walk. It was so pretty but unfortunately barely alive. Not sure what type. Some sort of Lunar but I'm not sure if Lunar Moths even live in the Chicago Suburbs. Research for another day.

Baby Desert Roses - these are like little Solders. Too Cute

I was lounging by the pool but I can't sit still for very long. So I took a pic of the toes. Just being silly.

Now - the rest of the pictures are of The Children's Farm in Palos Park, IL. The Master Urban Farming Class I'm taking has one more class next Wednesday. It is such a surprising place. All around Palos Park are factories, power lines, highways and a million people. You turn into the drive and it seems to all disappear.

We were being shown irrigation methods in the garden and I snapped a few pictures. The corn was absolutely perfect. I have never been able to grow corn from seed successfully so this was just amazing to me.

The mini apple tree was so cute and well pruned. Every yard should have a mini like this.

If you have the chance - it's a must visit place.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Farm Vista

JoDavies County
This is a farm that's for sale in Jo Davies County, Illinois. What a view! I imagine living here. Jo Davies County in my opinion has some of the prettiest land. It's not totally flat and it appears to be rolling along on the earth. It's on the list.

Work has kept me away from the Blog for a couple of weeks but I have new and fresh photos from the garden that I will be adding soon.

Still Nicotine free - November will be one year. I think if I make that - I can do anything :)

Monday, July 3, 2017


Yesterday morning, I was on the Balcony having my morning coffee and noticed this Dragonfly resting on the planter. He was so still and sat this way for at least an hour.

This insect was at least 4" long and his head was quite large. I hadn't seen one this large in many years. He was magnificent to watch while enjoying my Sunday coffee.

I just looked up the meaning of a dragonfly showing up in your life. It's said that if they show up, you should pay attention to your deeper thoughts and desires.

Some of the signs signify:
"Happiness, Speed and Purity"
"Self Realization"
"Joy and New Light"
"Prosperity, Harmony and Good Luck"
"Emergence of True Colors"
"Living in the Moment"

Not sure what spirts mean but I did feel Happy all day.

Happy July!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Four hours of solid weeding and this is what I look like. I'm sure you can see the sweat stains basically everywhere.

We had a lot of rain for a couple of days so I weeded until they were all gone. The weather was cool and I guess I just became obsessive with removing all of them. They'll be back again for another tackle.

I'll be taking some pictures later today but none of the flowers are yet in bloom so it's not pretty yet. A man and his dog were walking around the garden and he asked me "Where are all the Zinnia's? Last year they were so beautiful." I just pointed to the baby green plants and said, "They're here. Just a little too soon just yet." He nodded and off they went. I think the garden is a view point for many who live around the area. I like that.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Canned Flowers

Canned Flowers


Some pictures of our balcony plants. The top I call "Canned Flowers". A few years ago, I started reusing  cans. They make perfect planters and the ceramic pots broke and I couldn't find a replacement - so, Canned it is. Love it.

Lavender. Oh How I love this plant. My plan is to use the blooms to infuse some oils. I only have two and I'm unsure as to how many it will take to really make the oil smell fabulous. Experimenting.

Nasturtium. My neighbor calls them "Nasties"

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gerber Daisy

Not sure but I think this is a Gerber Daisy. I planted a bunch of seeds and one of the seeded 6 packs, grew this plant. Only one but it's beautiful.

The heat is upon us. 95 yesterday and more of the same today. Slight chance of rain and boy do we need it. I have to water my garden by a hose connected to the nursing home. Yesterday after work, I attempted to water but the workmen were using the only water source for some project on the roof. Fingers crossed I can water tonight or some baby plants will not make it.

Stay cool.