Sunday, June 25, 2017


Four hours of solid weeding and this is what I look like. I'm sure you can see the sweat stains basically everywhere.

We had a lot of rain for a couple of days so I weeded until they were all gone. The weather was cool and I guess I just became obsessive with removing all of them. They'll be back again for another tackle.

I'll be taking some pictures later today but none of the flowers are yet in bloom so it's not pretty yet. A man and his dog were walking around the garden and he asked me "Where are all the Zinnia's? Last year they were so beautiful." I just pointed to the baby green plants and said, "They're here. Just a little too soon just yet." He nodded and off they went. I think the garden is a view point for many who live around the area. I like that.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Canned Flowers

Canned Flowers


Some pictures of our balcony plants. The top I call "Canned Flowers". A few years ago, I started reusing  cans. They make perfect planters and the ceramic pots broke and I couldn't find a replacement - so, Canned it is. Love it.

Lavender. Oh How I love this plant. My plan is to use the blooms to infuse some oils. I only have two and I'm unsure as to how many it will take to really make the oil smell fabulous. Experimenting.

Nasturtium. My neighbor calls them "Nasties"

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gerber Daisy

Not sure but I think this is a Gerber Daisy. I planted a bunch of seeds and one of the seeded 6 packs, grew this plant. Only one but it's beautiful.

The heat is upon us. 95 yesterday and more of the same today. Slight chance of rain and boy do we need it. I have to water my garden by a hose connected to the nursing home. Yesterday after work, I attempted to water but the workmen were using the only water source for some project on the roof. Fingers crossed I can water tonight or some baby plants will not make it.

Stay cool.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Garfield Farm

Garden Fence

 This was a group of Fourth Graders that MADE MY DAY! I hadn't had that much enjoyment in years. My job on this volunteer day, was to lead them through the pastures and talk about the plants. They were all so smart and knew more about some of the plants and wild herbs than I did. With the help of Joseph from Garfield Farm, we answered their million questions accurately.

Phlox by a Fence

More Phlox by a Fence

Shaved Sheep

Tom Turkey


Superbena Highbreed
Garfield Farm is one of the most beautiful places in Illinois. If you ever get the chance, attend something on this farm. Anything. It's located in Campton Hills, IL.

The place is truly a step back to the 1900's. Some of the pastures haven't been tilled in over 100 years. There is an Oak Tree Forest with branches left to naturally grow as long or large as the tree wants. Wild raspberry bushes that had fruit bursting and were almost ready to pick. Wildflowers growing everywhere and the girls running everywhere to pick a new one to add to the small bouquets they were creating. The beauty takes your breath-away. Well... Mine anyways.

At the end of the photos, is a pic of a Verbena flower. I picked this plant up for the balcony. It's so magnificent. How can something grow in a color formation, so perfectly? 

Thanks for stopping by. June is here and the Summer is starting out wonderful!