Saturday, June 3, 2017

Garfield Farm

Garden Fence

 This was a group of Fourth Graders that MADE MY DAY! I hadn't had that much enjoyment in years. My job on this volunteer day, was to lead them through the pastures and talk about the plants. They were all so smart and knew more about some of the plants and wild herbs than I did. With the help of Joseph from Garfield Farm, we answered their million questions accurately.

Phlox by a Fence

More Phlox by a Fence

Shaved Sheep

Tom Turkey


Superbena Highbreed
Garfield Farm is one of the most beautiful places in Illinois. If you ever get the chance, attend something on this farm. Anything. It's located in Campton Hills, IL.

The place is truly a step back to the 1900's. Some of the pastures haven't been tilled in over 100 years. There is an Oak Tree Forest with branches left to naturally grow as long or large as the tree wants. Wild raspberry bushes that had fruit bursting and were almost ready to pick. Wildflowers growing everywhere and the girls running everywhere to pick a new one to add to the small bouquets they were creating. The beauty takes your breath-away. Well... Mine anyways.

At the end of the photos, is a pic of a Verbena flower. I picked this plant up for the balcony. It's so magnificent. How can something grow in a color formation, so perfectly? 

Thanks for stopping by. June is here and the Summer is starting out wonderful!

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