Saturday, May 20, 2017

Urban Farming

I'm taking another class through the Illinois extension offices. This one is called "University of Illinois Extension Cook County's Master Urban Farmer Training" and it's held at "The Children's Farm" in Palos Park. (This place is magnificent)

I think I landed on something big. My all time dream is to farm. BUT farming is so different now and I am realizing that in order to farm, you do not need a lot of acres. Look at the two plots in the pictures. They each produce quite a lot of food and it's just a back yard. Oh - I am in love with this concept.

I only just finished the second week with 10 more to go but I am so inspired. On my drive to work each day, I see so many empty lots and abandoned parking lots that could be covered in food. I want to grow food everywhere. Wouldn't that be so cool? All the lots could grow a season of food.

Thanks for stopping by and in case anyone is interested (or cares), I am still nicotine free.

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