Monday, December 21, 2009

This is Carley. She passed away in April 2008. I had her for 19 years and she was my little girl. She didn't like anyone but me and I felt very special because of that. I came across her picture and needed to add her to my blog. I miss her. I love my little Willow but she's become quite a Daddy's girl. I know she loves me too but not like Carley did.

Ok - I'm fine now.

It's almost the first day of winter and the sky is very white. One of those days to stay indoors and knit.

I gave away all the sewing and knitting projects. It was kind of sad to let it go. I got attached to the dishcloths and scrubbies and little fabric baskets. Now I'll focus on other things to sell on Etsy. And to get ready for some craft shows next year. 2010 is the year for craft shows. And for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon. I signed up today so there's no excuse not to run.

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