Monday, December 28, 2009

I like this picture. I was 5 and my dad sent it to my in my 40th bday card. I keep it to remind me that I too was once a youngster. Wow. I'll be 50 in '11 so I better connect with my inner child again.

I do like to play so it shouldn't be a problem. Bobby has 3 nephews and I have a niece and a nephew so we do get to play.

Christmas is over and the new year is fast approaching. I've basically stopped all the rushing and will slowly knit things now. Slippers are on the plan and I just picked up some new books for ideas from the library. I love craft books. I know I probably shouldn't buy any ever and just go to the library but I just had to have the Japanese craft books I bought on Amazon. One is only shoes and one is linen, cotton and wool things. Simple really. Totes, aprons, bags. Pillow cases and things that one could make in an afternoon.

I do need to stick to my plan though. Shoes. House Shoes. All kinds. Slippers really but I like the German term, "House Shoes". and that's what I'll call them in my Etsy Shop. Can't wait.

Need to start creating. This weekend.

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