Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sewing - Craft room. Wow - what a mess. I just thought I would post it to remind myself that it needs to be organized.
Last year, before Christmas, I spend a full weekend organizing everything. Color coordinated all the fabric, cleaned out the closet and actually tossed out a bunch of stuff. All that work and in one month, it looked like this again.
I need some shelves or something. The bookshelf did have the top two shelves empty to put finished product on but somehow, it's full of what ever.
We are going to carpet and paint this year so I can't hang anything right now. Plus, I have a growing table - right now the baby tomato, pepper and flower plants are taking up some room. As well as the potting soil and dirty planters. What a mess Huh? As soon as spring arrives and I can take them outside, I have to live with the extra clutter.
I actually like my work room. The cat and I spend a lot of time in their when I can. She lies on the iron board and watches me. I think she likes the music and the hum of the sewing machine. Plus I try and make her a little cat toy with scraps. Sometimes I tuck catnip in it . She's my pal.
Gotta go for now. Thanks for peaking into my mess.

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