Monday, September 27, 2010


No pictures to upload today.

The Autumn leaves are starting to fall and the air is so clear and crisp. All week the highs are to be in the 60's. It's beautiful.

I worked on the garden a little bit this weekend. I'm most concerned about the luffa plants. They are a vine plant that climb over everything. Tons of yellow flowers but for weeks I didn't see any luffas. Then, I really dug under the leaves and I have tons of them. I'm so excited. They look like big fat cucumbers and you let them dry out. As I read, once the vine gets the first frost, you pick the fruit, peel the green outer layer and wash out all of the meat. Then dry and whalah, you have a luffa sponge. Cool!

Everyone I know will get one for Christmas. HA HA

I'm on the Christmas gift, quick making gift hunt right now. I searched for some patchwork stuffed fabric fruit or an eyeglass case made out of felt. But, I need to make about 30 of whatever I pick so I'm trying to be quick but yet something that looks nice. Last year I made Fabric baskets and knitted kitchen cloths and scrubbies. That was a lot of work and I wanted to keep them all. We'll see.

Happy Autumn!

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