Saturday, March 11, 2017

Work Trip Denver

Denver Airport
I just returned home from a work trip to Denver. The Airport is about 40 minutes away from downtown and out in the middle of nowhere. This is what you see when you come up to it. It's cool and weird too. The white peaks look like fabric up close and inside they are ceilings of white and metal. Strange but unique. The building on the left is the Westin Hotel and it looks like a pair of lips when you drive in. I'm not sure but maybe it's wings?

Denver had beautiful weather the week we were there. High 60's during the day but upon arrival, the wind was intense and the sky was all brown from the dirt blowing all around.

Glad to be home and I'm ready to work in the garden. Well... Not quite yet. The temp is 18 with a high of 30. SOON! 

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