Monday, March 13, 2017

Abandoned Graveyard More

Maggie T


Church Marker - All That's Left


Last of Woods

Tulips Sprouting
The first picture is of Maggie T's Gravestone. Her husband must of loved her dearly. He put her exact age on the tombstone. 22 Years, 7 Months and 14 Days. All I can think is that it must of been a blow to his heart to loose her at such a young age. To document the days - Oh my. He had to have been totally unprepared. I can't stop thinking about it. Why would you put the months and days? It really must of been the death of surprise.  Why? 1873. A hard time period indeed but what happened? Child birth? An Accident? I am haunted by Maggie T. Each time I take my walks, I am drawn to this graveyard and her stone. As I stare at it, I'm looking for answers. Can I research and find out? Maybe.

The "Church of Brethren" bench is fairly new. It sits on an empty lot next to the graveyard. My assumption is the good people buried, were part of this congregation.

The stone of Jacob is a lonely marker. It stands tall and all alone in the plot. I have a hard time making out the years and hope to sneak into the graveyard once it warms up to get a closer look. I feel almost as if I am trespassing so I might just use a zoom lens. Maybe I'm not invited.

The abandoned road currently has lot's of trees and a large plot of land with a small forest. Birds and small critters play along happily. This is all coming to an end as each of the trees are being torn down. On one of the larger corners, they have already flattened and poured cement. This is the last of the trees. What will become of the birds? Where will they fly too? Suburban trees? It's becoming less farm land and more buildings so they must head west.

The last picture is of some tulips I planted last year. A friend gave me some potted yellow tulips and I saved the bulbs. Hope they make it. It snowed today and Tulips are not too happy with a frost. We will see.

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