Sunday, December 11, 2016

End of Year is Near

Luffa - 6 Made it But Read Below

Garden in Fall 2016

Begging Ducks at the Office

First Snow

Close Up
First picture is of the Luffa. I was so excited that I had 6 quite large luffa. Problem is, the first frost forced me to pick them prematurely. They needed to dry on the vines and completely air out. Meaning all of the moisture needed to naturally extract. BUT because frost freezes, the luffa will rot on the vine. So - brought them in hoping to dry them indoors. It didn't happen. I only received one out of all the beautiful gourds. All the others rotted. I even baked the 2 largest in the oven on a low temp for 4 hours but nope - they rotted too. Maybe next year.

Garden is long put to bed but I captured a fall picture.  I like the sassafras in the background. They really have a pretty color combo.

While lunching at the office this fall, there is a large pond with ducks and geese. I fed the ducks once and when I walk the path to the lunch area, they come a waddling and beg for crackers. They are the cutest things ever and so tame and friendly. During this shot, there were 8 or 9 of them. So close I could touch their heads. I went through an entire box of saltines taking my lunches outside. So worth it. They are adorable.

Snow pictures from last Sunday's first snow fall. It was so pretty I took a walk around our condo complex and snapped some shots.

Christmas and the end of the year is around the corner. Time is flying by. Enjoyed it while you can.


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