Sunday, August 7, 2016


Luffa! Well... Not yet. Just a blossom.

Did you know Luffa grows like a cucumber plant? It's a vine plant and gets yellow blossoms. The gourd or Luffa looks close to a large cucumber while developing. To create the sponge, you dry the large luffa completely. 

A few years ago I grew them but someone picked them before they had a chance to fully grow. Since they do look like large cucumbers, my guess was someone thought to help out. I did test one that was hidden under the leaves and after I pealed it, it did look fibrous like a sponge inside.

So - once the luffa is large, it needs to dry completely. My plan is to give luffa's out at Christmas.  We'll see.

It seems lately, I can't plan to well. My planning skills need some work. Each weekend I make a list of things to do or that need to be done. I sometimes get so sidetracked that a few weekends go by before I complete the list. I'm blaming it on the weather. All week was perfect summer weather.

I'll keep you posted on the Luffa. The plant is healthy and large so we shouldn't have any issues this year.


  1. Luffa.... Chinese people call the plant "north squash".... its good in stewed vegetables or soups.

  2. Chinese people called this a "north squash" Good in soups and stewed vegetables.

  3. I've heard they are quite tasty when they are young and small. I hope to have a couple to dry into sponges but I will try to eat one of the young ones. Thanks for your comments!