Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Garden

Balcony Flowers - English Garden?
Cow Pea Blossom

Cow Pea Pod

Urban Garden - Zinnia's all around

Cherry Toms

Garlic Harvest


Blueberry Pie - Berries were a gift from my Neighbor

Black Brandiwine Toms

Green Pumpkin

Ready to Harvest!

Another Pumpkin hidden

Zinnia's hidden in the Pumpkin Patch
Some pictures of the garden and all that is growing right now. We've had enough rain that it is all flourishing!  It's a joy to stop by each morning and see the changes.

A picture of our balcony. It looks like a mini English Garden to me. Pink, white, purple and green. The humming birds come by each morning and make there rounds to each flower.

Thanks for stopping by!

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