Sunday, November 8, 2015

Garden Cleanup - Blooming Rose

Mini Rose Blooming in November!

Two More Buds!

These were all white 5 years ago - Beautiful Surprise while cleaning brush.

Butter Tub With Drain

Three Different Cup Sizes - One is a Bouillon Cup
I cleaned out the Garden yesterday and beneath the dead Zinnia's this beautiful rose plant survived the freezing weather and refuses not to bloom. AND it's November!

This was a Mini Rose plant I receive about 5 years ago for a birthday gift. I planted it and every year it blooms. It's a white rose and it took on some color this year. So beautiful.

The dish pictures are part of a multi set of "Noritake Azalea Pattern" china. Over 217 Pieces! It was a gift that Bobby brought home one day. They were in 5 stuffed to the rim boxes. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening each carefully wrapped piece. Someone loved this set of China. It was wrapped with such care.

There are so many unique and different pieces that I was amazed how detailed China was back in the 20's. A small plate with the loop - I had to look it up because I couldn't guess its use. Lemon Plate. Hmm. Another little tiny container with a mini spoon. Mustard dish. Then - there are these beautiful round bowls with three ball legs. It's a Whipping Cream bowl WITH little ladles to match. Each piece is so unique and I love the pattern. I've been hunting for China in vintage stores for years. Then - Low and Behold - Bobby brought home 5 boxes worth. Love that Man!

Thanks go to Nika who gave these to us. I can't wait to serve food for a special occasion. AND I can't wait to take them to the farm! They would be so beautiful and would be a fabulous set to serve a dinner on. "Farm to Noritake"!

My first thought was to sell some of them. Maybe keep just a full set of 12 but I can't part with any of them!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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