Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spence Farm

Baby Piglets
Spence Farm - Fairbury, IL

CRAFT Field Day yesterday at Spence Farm. They grow organic grain and have a variety of livestock. This pen had four little babies - I think they were girls. Very friendly and cute as can be. Squealing and sniffing like crazy when I went up the the cage. I ran to the car and got some bread crusts - I know I know - you should NEVER feed anyone's animals but I couldn't resist. The second I came back, they knew I had something they wanted. They were sniffing really loud - not snorting but sniffing. I dropped little pieces in the cage and they went nuts. Nipping at each other to get out of the way and angry squeals - watch out - they were like wild pigs - but just for a second until each of them got a piece.

Their fur felt like brillo - really hard - not soft like I thought. Cute as all get out. I want some of these :)

Marty - the owner, gave us a tour of his fields. A variety of wheat and corn in his 40 acres. All Organically grown. A representative from the University of Illinois Extension office spoke and I think their were about 50 attendees. Bobby came too and we walked through the soggy fields to see Marty's wheat and corn.

Bakers and locals are looking for organic flour so their is a demand for grain. Something to add to my ever growing list of things "to do and sell on the farm".

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