Thursday, July 2, 2015

Naming a Farm

Farm names are unique. Maybe the last name of the family or a favorite aunt or the place it's located Or just something someone thought of as shown below.

Well... It's really hard to come up with a name. I keep thinking I need to brand and name the farm before we have it but it's a dilemma.What if I name and brand it - let's say, Birdra's Farm (My nickname in High school - not by choice) - then I find a farm on Crain View Lane or on some stream - then can it still be Birdra's Farm? Shouldn't it be View Lane farm? Not sure - still pondering.

Check out the names below and click on the link - some are pretty funny

Below is a clip of just a handful from this link.

B/K Farms - William King
B R Gest Farm - Carl, Deanna & Eric Gest
B&B Rosehill Ranch - James or Patsy Brown
B & D Longshot Ranch  - Bard & Doug Feil
B & G Mule Company  - Walter & Gloria Baker
B & S Livestock Inc.  - Bill Gunter & Sandy Connelly
B&D Green Acres  - Bruce & Delores Early
B&I's Kicking Ass-es Donkey Ranch - Bill & Irene Hudson
B-Bar-S - Bill & Sue Bolling
B-N Mules - Bill Bell & Nancy Wilson
B-RAYin' Acres - Berty & Ray Fischer
B4 Mule Factory - Richard & Coleen Baars
Ba Donka Donk Mini Donks - Harvey & Lisa Pool
Back Acher Brays & Gaits - Jim & Loree Doering
Back Ass Woods Mule Ranch - Donna Carberry
Badasses of Neches - Barry & Beth Swinney
Bailey's Farms - Irvin L. Bailey, Sr.
Baker's Dozen Donkeys - Pat Baker & Gayle Gentis
Baker's Pine Hill Farm - Cindy J. Baker
Bald Hill Reach Farm - Marcia Lizotte
Bar 4B Ranch - Andria & Mark Brotnov
Bar C Heartland Ranch Miniature Donkeys - Carey Sisk
Bar JF Ranch - Pauline & Lonny Ferguson
Bar R Farm - Crystal Rodan
Bar Seventy Six - Mary N. Churchill
Barker's Brayers - Allen & Sue Barker
BarnHouse Trading Company - Anne & Kerry Hancock
Barnyard Babies - Sherman & Lisa K. Knaack
Barnyard Brayers - Clarles A Pleak
Barred-M-Ranch - Matt & Heidi McCarty
Barval Farm - Valerie J. Barden
Bass' Sunset Ridge Ranch - Bert & Pam Bass
Bass's Little Asses - Bass, John
Battle Brook Land & Cattle Co. - Carolyn & Michael Cunningham
Bayer Minimum Ranch - Joe & Theresa Bayer
Bayou Brayers Boyd & Debra Walker
Bayside Raymond & Zana Smallen Klomes
BAZANTAMY FARM - Patricia Freund
BB Ranch - Bonnie Samuel & Bill DeBois
BCLD - Bailey Dixon
BC Ranch - Garth & Tara Edwardson
Beagle Bay - Jan & Bobby Smith
Bear Creek - Chuck & Phyllis Huff
Bear Mountain Ranch - Stan & Kim christensen
Bear's Big Ass Farm - McDonald, Jan & Bear

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