Sunday, May 17, 2015

Baltimore - Work Trip

Worked a conference last week in Baltimore. It was a delightful city with great weather and plenty of good food. Our hotel was directly across from the Baltimore Orioles ball field and we saw 3 games from the balcony of my co-worker's hotel room. Really cool.

With all the past unrest in the city, our conference attendees were worried and nervous about making the trip. Everything appeared to be normal but again, I'm not a local and only know what the news publicized.

I was impressed by this beautiful city and hope to make the trip again in the future.

I stopped at the garden the Friday I returned and boy-oh-boy did the weeds get large. In just 5 days! I picked some baby spinach and Japanese greens for the first Salad of the year. Yum - nothing better than hand picked greens, washed and served within an hour. I assume the vitamin count is at it's peak.

Thanks for stopping by.

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