Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garden Plot Empty

No pictures to upload today. I need to download new ones.

The garden plot is empty. The only thing remaining are 3 brussel sprout plants with lots of tiny sprouts. I've been picking them and the past two meals, they tasted a little bitter. I think that's it for them. They never grew very large and the bitter flavor isn't right. Maybe something in the soil has contaminated them. Not sure. Last year they were delicious.

I met with the residents of the Community Nursing Home this past Saturday and baked Carrot Cake cupcakes (last of the garden carrots) and a bread pudding with Whiskey sauce. That was some good stuff. The sauce I mean. The attendance was almost all ladies with only one gentleman and they had a great time. I asked them all what flowers they would like to see next year and all said Roses. Well... I don't have the space but maybe I can find a climber to place on the trellis. One of the residents, named Barbara ( I like other Barbara's) was raised on a farm in her youth and had over 1,000 chickens. She had some stories. I can talk to them all day long.

Future plans for next year is that I'm going to enlarge the plot and plant a field of multi-colored sunflowers. Not the tall ones, the shorter cuttable flowers. And Wheat as my previous post mentions. Wheat - just a small few rows. Grind and bake some bread.

I've also been reading about Sugar Maple Trees. You tap them in the winter and have syrup. Our Condo complex has quite a few so I need to drill a hole, place a bucket and wait. Oh yes - and ask for permission. Ha Ha

Thanks for reading.

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