Thursday, November 3, 2011

Garden late fall

Zinnia's in November! Saturday I took down all the tall stalks of the multi colored zinnias and cleaned up the plot. Some of the stalks were over 6 feet high. The small orange patch is still too beautiful to tear out.

A week ago, I dragged Bobby to a farm learning day at the Heritage Prairie Farm in La Fox, IL. An organization called Craft puts on learning days throughout the area and this was the last one for this year.

They needed help moving a hoop house. The day was beautiful. About 10 people came and everyone brought a dish to share. A young man named Gregory made incredible Sushi rolls - now, I'm not a sushi fan - especially some raw fish thing in the middle of the Midwest - BUT his were 100% vegetable and incredible. Sunflower paste with carrots and celery rolled in a seaweed leaf. I know it doesn't sound good but wow! It was.

Everyone was so nice and interesting to listen and talk to. I picked up tips from a farmer in Rockford and from the tour guide. Just one of the best days! I can't wait to go on another. Have to wait until spring now. In the meantime, I've been reading Joel Salatin's book and learning a lot about setting up a sustainable farm. I'm totally consumed.


  1. Can I ask how you found out about your farm learning day? I've been looking for something similar here in Colorado, but haven't had any luck yet.

  2. Hi Zev
    I found it through google. I typed in Farm Education and Illinois. Try it with Colorado. I bet you have a lot of farms near.

    Thanks for the comment!