Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ottawa Review

Farmstand! How cute is that?

My evaluation of the Ottawa Sustainable farm is that it was a little messy. The farm had 85+ acres. Most was pasture that was not currently in use. Just blank acres that I just about cried cause nothing was growing. I guess the 7 cows they had could feed and the chickens in their little "Free Range" cages could but it was missing something. Why not grow corn or wheat? They were currently selling Chicken and eggs. Taking the broilers to a butcher and then selling them on a CSA program BUT they didn't have any pigs and I'm not sure on the cows. Maybe they too were sent to a butcher. Little confusing.

We enjoyed the tour but again, it was messy. Over 500 chickens - the egg layers - had free range of EVERYTHING. They were in the truck bed, all over the house yard, in the drive way - just everywhere. Because they had unlimited access - they pecked the yard clean. I mean clean. Down to the dirt. Now, I have never had my own chickens but others I have seen, have the chickens at least confined to a fenced off area so the house yard at least looks neat and tidy. My thoughts are that if you are giving tours, shouldn't your entrance look inviting? Shouldn't you plant maybe a pot of flowers? Maybe that's just me. I clean my house before company comes over.

None the less. I learned about "Free Range Chickens". Those that were sold for meat were held in large cages. Not over crowded and yes, they had access to grass but they were kept inside to keep the muscles tender. Are we all eating chickens with weak muscles? I guess I never knew that. Hmmm. What would the happy hen that was a layer taste like? Too tuff from exercise? That's why I want a Farm. I want to taste a happy hen. Not one that's in a cage. Even if they are outside, does a large open air cage constitute Free Range? Not sure.

Money for the farm is my main project now. I'm working on the donation site. I should be able to add it to my site soon. Also maybe a fundraiser. I'm even thinking about a reality show. Wouldn't that be a hoot? The whole process on maybe the Discovery Channel. Thinking about it.

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