Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Soap

Label for my soap! Love this drawing. Sorry - I had to add the Copy protected. It covers up something as well. It was a tiny soap package from a French hotel many many years ago. Can't believe I saved it.

I have been making soap each weekend. Real soap. One batch with Lard - rendered from fat I bought from the butcher. One batch with just oils. I am making a Castile Olive next. Apparently the trace takes forever with just olive oil. We'll see - Lots of stirring on the balcony.

No chemicals except for the NaOH (or Lye). Just can't make it without. One of these days I'll make lye from scratch. Apparently, you take wood ash - like from a fire pit and place it in water. The next day, the water which has soaked in your ashes, is the lye. Hmmmm... sounds too simple. You can't use coal or any kind of fire ash other than straight wood. I'm very curious on how it would work. More research is needed. In the meantime, I bought some Lye and it works beautifully.

Stay tuned. The Chamomile Tangerine soap will be ready in four weeks.

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