Sunday, November 7, 2010

Luffas are Gone

Someone took the Luffa's. They look like a cucumber so maybe they thought they'd help and pick them for me. I can't imagine anyone stealing them. So... I can't see if they turned into a sponge or not. I had two hidden under the pumpkin leaves but they were too small before the leaves became frost bitten. None left. I'm disappointed. Next year I'll grow them on the balcony.

I finished a pair of shoes this weekend. I'll post before and after next time.

I was very sick on Monday. Working a trade show in Chicago and caught Gastroenteritis. Something I ate or drank invaded my system and on Monday at 4:00pm everything inside of me erupted. My co workers called 911 and I was transported by ambulance to Northwestern Hospital. Man was that a horrible experience that I never want to happen again. The Doctor in the ER said I had a violent episode and that it could happen to anyone. It was gone after they pumped me full of liquids. I don't want to go into details. Just look up the word for symptoms.

I stayed home from work for 3 days and felt almost normal on Friday. Just couldn't shake the memory. It's over. When ever I travel in the future, I will drink only bottled water and take a bunch of cliff bars. If any of the meals look iffy, eat a cliff bar instead.

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