Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mary Wales Loomis

I bought Mary Wales Loomis book and it came yesterday. How to make shoes. It's a great book. Very step by step and lots of diagrams. I think it might be a winner. I went to a shoe cobbler looking for shoe cement. The cobbler was out but this really nice lady working behind the counter looked around the shop with me to find the glue. She was cute. I don't think she had a clue on the supplies they sold. Lots of mink oil and waxes. She might of just been a fill in when he went to lunch or something. I'll have to make another trip and actually talk to him. Maybe he has some leather scraps or can help me on sole application. I did find a small tube to test. I was going to buy the stuff on line but I thought I should test it first.

I have a pair of flats that I can tear apart. I'll reuse the parts but put on a new topper.

Shoes are consuming my thoughts lately. I need to make a last first and am going to the hardware store after work for some plaster of paris. Fun weekend planned. HA

Others think a great weekend is going out to a movie and dinner. I love to stay home and try and make things.

It's very windy today here in Chicagoland. The leaves are flying past my window and oh so pretty.

If your reading from Chicago, enjoy our fall while you can. It's been marvelous so far!

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