Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isn't this funny? Bobby emailed it to me a couple of years ago for Valentines. It's coming up again. I need to make a heart pillow. I was at the train station in Chicago the other day and in this gift shop, they had beautiful heart shaped pillows made out of this cotton rag rug fabric. They were really cool.

I can't start a new project though until I finish one. I just finished knitting another wool bowl. You know. The felt bowls. I've made bowls to match the plain four that I never gave away. I think they need to be felted again and didn't want to give them as presents anyway. I want to put them on Etsy to sell. I think I'm almost ready. This is a long weekend coming up so I should be able to finish the white shoes and work on the pattern for the loafers.

I went to the Second Hand Store the other day and found a whole spool of canvas fabric for $5.00. I think It's about 10 yards. SCORE! It has different reds, blues, greens and cream colored yarns running through. I'm thinking shoe soles or even tote bags. Not sure yet.

Valentines day isn't or really hasn't been all that special a day for me. I mean it's nice and all but no big deal. I usually make a heart shaped cheese cake for Bobby and that's about it.

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