Friday, January 8, 2016

Thoughts for 2016

The New year is in full swing. It started up slow and relaxing but by the time the 8th rolled around, the world is back to crazy rush hour.

In a past post I mentioned my new commute to work. I didn't mean to whine about a drive to work but it really took me some time to make peace with the location change. I'm such a create of habit and since this is a Blog where postings sometime lean to whining - (I'll keep it down in the future)

I don't remember being this way as a child. Younger, change was what I looked for. I didn't want the routine - I wanted adventure! Now - I swear, if I don't brush my teeth before I take a shower, my entire morning will be messed up.

Well... it took me a while to find a route that was comfortable and familiar. I'm not a fan of the expressways so main and side streets are the route.

My Route takes me through some suburb side streets, a main highway then a cruise through a mega mansions street and a few open fields along the way for a view.  (I must have some sort of nature that doesn't include cars or people - I know - I'm nature crazed or deprived - not sure)

One morning, I saw a Coyote in an open field. It was a clear, crisp sunny morning and he was just cruising through this field.  Oblivious to the cars driving past by the million. I almost swerved off the road as I caught him out of the corner of my eye. He was magnificent. (Not sure about the HE part but I'm guessing)
Beautiful Animal

 THEN, a few days later, on my commute home, I saw another one, carrying a white furry object in his mouth, cutting through neighbors yards at a fast pace. I hope it was a rabbit and not some ones dog in his mouth.

So - because I was able to see nature on my commute, and I find coyote's fascinating, I am in a much better place.

Have a great weekend!

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