Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry 2015 Christmas


Cat and Flax
Close up of Flax

Oak Leaf Lettuce

I met my family in Chicago last week and we walked through Millennium Park. We came across this incredible head. It's 39 feet tall and made of marble. I researched and it's been there since June of 2014 by an artist named Jaume Plensa. The full title is "Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda". Can't believe I missed it for more than a year. It might of been hidden by the foliage in the spring and summer. It's amazing and really really huge!

Stopped by the garden yesterday. Christmas Eve pictures

- Flax - I grew flax last year to keep the potato bugs away from the plants and it worked.  The flax looked so beautiful. I can't wait to see blooms next spring.
- Cat guarding flax - this tin cat is so old. Someone gave it to me back when I lived in Indiana and that was more then 27 years ago. I think it supposed to deter rabbits but I just think it's cute.
- Lettuce - this beautiful green color is almost everywhere. I let a few plants go to seed and missed collecting them all before they fell to the ground.  Lettuce flowers have little fluffs once they go to seed. Like a dandelion. So - the fluffs blew all over.

They drifted over the ground and there are little spots of lettuce everywhere. Since it's been so warm, we might just eat lettuce harvested on December 25th!

Merry Christmas!

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