Sunday, August 9, 2015


Apple Bagging - Plastic is not working

Cotton - WORKING!

June Petunias

August Petunias

Work event - theme - Destination 
August is already here and summer's coming to an end. I'm kind of glad because I let the garden get a little weedy for too long. I want to start over.

I checked on the apples yesterday and the plastic bags were all moist inside. They appear to have bug holes too - so Plastic is out! The Cotton covered apples however were beautiful. In two weeks I'll remove all the coverings to allow the fruit to color.

I made the pickles and they were not the flavor I was looking for. I threw out 3 jars so back to the recipes for next year. I need a Pickle Crock - not three odd shaped glass jars. I had to keep a plastic bag in each jar to weight the pickles down - rinse it each day and skim the jars - and the smell - not good in a small condo.

Last picture is one of the best costumes for a work get together - Ever - the theme was "A Destination". Did you guess his costume? "Highway to Hell". Brilliant!

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