Saturday, June 20, 2015

Apple Bagging

Cotton Fruit Bags

Paper Fruit Bags

Plastic Fruit Bags

Cotton Fruit Bag Close-up
I started my trail today. I'm testing my theory of covering fruit with a barrier that will prevent bugs from ruining the fruit.This would eliminate pesticides that are sprayed on apple and pear trees. I want to be able to eat the skin of an apple instead of always cutting it off because of possible residue.

Cotton Tubing, Wax lined paper bags and plastic freezer bags. I read a lot of home growers use the plastic bags but they were a pain to attach on the trees. I am hoping that the Cotton tubes work well as they were really easy to attach.

I am running this test at the University of Illinois Extension's office test farm in St. Charles. The trees are old orchard trees and left to their own elements. They do not receive spray or pruning so they didn't mind that I borrow them for the season.

The Cotton and Plastic are on apple trees. I found an old pear tree and the pears looked so perfect so I tried the paper on those fruits.

I will be checking in a month and each month after. Then hopefully by fall I will have proof that covering the fruit will prevent the need for sprays.

Stay tuned!

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