Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Fever

It looks like teeth, doesn't it? It's a mini Zinnia. When in full bloom, it's smaller than a dime. White - they look like mini daisies. It's a trailing plant and I use them on the balcony. I've collected the seeds each year as I've never been able to find them again at this size.

Well... fresh dirt has been delivered and Al the Rotor Tiller guy came out the same day and tilled it up beautifully - right before the rains.  Now I'm waiting for a dry spell to plant the cold things.  I bought some onion starts - couldn't get my own starts from my seeds.  I think they were too old or I stored them incorrectly. So hopefully this weekend I can get the onions, peas, various lettuce and spinach in the ground. I'm leaving for two weeks on a work double conference trip.  I don't like being gone so long but Key Largo is the first and then on to Boston - coming home May 4th. I love to travel but not during planting season. Can't be helped. Need to earn my Garden money. HA

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