Sunday, March 18, 2012

UIC Conference


Yesterday I went downtown Chicago to UIC for an all day of Farm Conferences, expo and workshops. I am so elated and lifted that I can not think of anything else.

I learned how to butcher half a hog, can and pickle (which I already knew but wanted to see in case any new techniques were used - not really), grow year round in the Midwest (again, knew but inquired some great tips) and cheese making. Now, cheese making looks like something for the winter months. It's time consuming and tedious but tasting it made me think - it's a possibility. - oh so wonderful.

I have such garden fever. The weather in Chicago has been incredibly warm for a full week. 80's in March. I keep telling myself to keep the plants in - it's not time yet but I bet some folks are planting. If you are - bring them in each night. One of the nights could be a cold snap and then, snap - you have to start over.

WOW - I can't stop the feeling now. Farms - oh how I love em!

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