Friday, December 23, 2011

Indoor Garden

Cabbage, Red Chard and a close up of the broccoli.

Indoor Gardening. I started my own micro greens this fall and they are delicious. I snip off the leaves when I need them and toss them into a salad or on a sandwich. They take only days to sprout and in a couple of weeks, you eat them! Very Easy. Get a small container, some organic soil, sprinkle of seeds, water and a piece of plastic wrap for germination. Sunny location and ta da. Greens!

Sage and Basil

Herbs in a large pot. I thought I'd make a mixture. Sage, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and I had some caraway seeds I tossed in. These two were the first to pop out. So Fresh and green. Incredible colors.

On another note, I meant to comment on my cookie donation to Garfield Farm. I drove out and dropped off some butter cookies and Carmel corn. They were setting up for their two day event of cooking and grilling the 1874 way. I only met a few folks but I think I was an outsider and while they appreciated the goodies, they weren't too sure about me. I wanted to learn about farming but they are into teaching how folks lived at that time. Reenacted events - not farming they way I think. Anyway. I got chased by the numerous geese walking around then went home. Beautiful place but not a farm.

Christmas is in a few days. Happy Holidays to everyone.

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