Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ebay and Blackberry

Sold on Ebay. $.99 - that's what I listed it at and that's what it sold for. 99 cents.

I was cleaning out the spare room and thought I would list a few things on Ebay. This was a paper mache Santa I made years ago. Just a dust collector but someone bought it out of Georgia. Thank you for that.

On Monday after Christmas, I went to the garden for a few hours and cut down the blackberry bushes that have overgrown. Now, that was a job. I enjoyed it but it wasn't as easy as I thought. Each one of the long long branches had a million thorns. They would whip around each time I snipped or tried to move them. The area had never been pruned so the blackberry bushes were all one huge mass. I created two paths and pruned down all of the green shoots. Once I was finished, I had tiny scratches all over my legs and hands. I wore gloves and heavy jeans but those were some sharp thorns.

I'm smiling thinking about it. I would rather spend the day pruning then commuting.

Happy New Year

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