Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just heard an incredible tale on NPR at lunch. This Chinese student here in Lake Forest is putting together a CSA program for her home town in China. She has put together a website so folks can meet the farmers. Her goal is to educate her people on organic and help the farmers in the meantime. She is creating a network that would assist the Farmers in selling their food and the consumer on eating organic. What touched me most is the fact that people are worrying about food. Her town had over 8 million citizens so I'm sure food is scarce but it made me think.

That will happen in the US if we don't keep Farms in business. Big Agri farms with the loads of chemically laden food will be the only thing left to eat. Then Cancer will increase. It scares me. I have my little garden plot and we eat fresh produce in the summer months but we are still eating meat from who knows where full of who knows what. I am worried.

I researched ways to fund raise and next year the fun begins. Bake sales, more craft items and an event that would bring people together. Research is my goal for 2012. A Farm is a must. I have to start one. NOW!

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