Monday, July 11, 2011

Visit to an Organic Farm

Bobby and I drove up to Grayslake Sunday and spend 4 hours touring a lovely 45 acre Organic Farm. 12-15 acres were used to grow vegetables for their CSA. Nice couple and gave us a tour first of their equipment, tractors, tillers and many different implements. Then a tour on a flat bed trailer through their acres. I think there were over 40 people and it was an enjoyable day. Chickens were scattered through out and it was great watching them. A nice working farm.

CSA's are a lot of work as they had over 400 customers. So that means when they are picking the produce and packing it, and they have to do it 400 times. It's something to think about when we plan the type of farm we want. The options are endless. Agri Tourism, road side stand, farmers markets, CSA, animals, etc... the list is huge. We have a couple of years to get it all together. But I think I got Bobby excited as he was looking up farms on the computer today at lunch. I gave him the farming bug.

Next month we are visiting another one in Ottawa. This one has a CSA which includes meat.

Posting as I can. I hope my rambling makes sense. I read over my past posts and I do change tunes a lot. One day shoes the next I'm knitting. But know this. It's all preparing us for the Farm life. Sustainable and self sufficient. And I will document the process.

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