Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Compost was delivered yesterday. I was so glad. Clay from Oswego delivered and I didn't need to wait all day either. I was so happy. He came with a duli pick up truck and him and his sister (I think) shoveled it onto the plot while I spread it out. They brought a cute little red headed girl and a puppy. They told me they have 17 horses. They were just the cutest family. It all took less than an hour and I was back home before 10:00am. That's the way to deliver! Now I just need some Black dirt and the Tiller dude and it will be ready for planting.

I love the garden. It made me feel like I lived on a farm (Which is my dream). The smell of the compost was the smell of a barn. I know I know. Some might think it stinks but to me, it smells of the fresh out doors. Relaxing and calming.

I did get a little sewing done too. I made a couple of tees - my size with an old 50's leotard pattern. Cutting out the pantie part. The first one was way too small but I resized it and the two I made fit well. One is cream with a little black thread design coming down from the neckline. The other is a light green tee shirt of Bobby's that I tore up. It came out pretty cute. I think I'll wear the green one today.

Now, the last thing on my list today is my 1/2 marathon training. I read the Tribune about a guy that is training for the 150 miler in the Sahara Dessert. Crazy but he walks everywhere and climbs a lot of stairs as part of his training. I am planning on walking the two miles to work this spring and summer on the off days that I run. I think that would get my legs in better shape as well as the daily routine. I'm not sure how to train for something like that except to run farther than I have been. But in the off days, I need to do something. Yoga and walking. That should do it.

Well... Happy Easter. I have to frost the carrot cake I made for Bobby's Mom. Cream cheese frosting. There is nothing better. Throw out the shortening and only use cream cheese.

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