Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quit Chewing Nicotine Gum

Happy New Year - shoot the scale! Ha ha - I like this cartoon for some reason.

Ok - confession time. I quit smoking in 2002 - January 11th. I am coming up to my 15th year without a cigarette. But - to stop smoking, I chewed Nicotine gum. Now - nicotine poisoning is real. All the years I chewed the gum, I had stomach aches, headaches, muscle cramps, leg tingles, and sometimes dizzy spells. I blamed them all on anything but the gum. Food I ate, air I breathed, exercising too hard - Everything but the gum because I loved that gum. It gave me energy and kept my emotions at bay. Plus I was an addict. A Nicotine Addict. But not a smoker. I told myself, "Well, It's better than smoking".

Oh No Barb, it's so much worse.

In October, I started with a new symptom, Chest Pains. I read everything I could about why I would have chest pains. I wanted it to be anything but the gum.  After all the research, it all lead to the gum. I found a site that scared me into quitting.  Nicotine is quite powerful and long term use can be damaging to so many parts of your body. If you chewed more than 3 pieces in an hour, it was as if you were smoking three packs a day. The amount of gum I chewed in a day was way higher. I was consuming almost a carton worth of nicotine each day. Every Day. Non-stop. the second the flavor left the gum, I'd pop another.

Think about all that poison going through my poor body. It was ruining me before my time. I still have so much to accomplish in my life that if I didn't stop chewing, it would be like a slow death of my own doing. Nicotine poisoning is rare in smoking. The amount you would need to smoke to get poisoned is almost impossible. But - the new sources of nicotine available, gum and lozenges and now the vape, give you an unlimited amount to consume. Watch the news in the future for nicotine related deaths. It could happen.

 So - I quit chewing. Again. This will be the third and hopefully the last attempt. The longest I've gone without a piece of gum is 6 months about 3 years ago. I tell you, the cravings, get a hold of you like nothing I've ever experienced. My emotions were so over the top that each time I convinced myself to start chewing again. This time - I have to quit. For good.

Wish me luck and I'll keep you informed as I move foward.

Happy New Year! 2017 will be the best yet!

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